Industry Information

The governmental leasing industry is made up of several key segments that deserve special consideration and support. In an effort to encourage discussion, collaboration, best practice, education and general information regarding significant legal or legislative changes to policy, the AGLF Board of Directors will make industry related information available.

Tax-exempt municipal leases: A solid, safe, attractive investment for bank portfolios

In spite of recent negative media headlines regarding the financial health of state and municipal governments, tax‐exempt municipal leases remain a great way for banks to invest their deposits and receive solid returns with miniscule risk. The Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance is a professional organization made up of some of the nation’s strongest banks along with other professionals in the municipal finance industry. We are on a mission to expand the market for our product and we believe that there is a real opportunity for small and medium sized banks to build a portfolio of small and medium sized municipal loans, mainly in the form of leases, which will provide excellent returns and a wide margin of safety.

For more information about how to get involved in the tax-exempt leasing industry please contact us at [email protected].