Fifty State Survey

Since the initial Fifty State Survey was published in The Urban Lawyer over 30 years ago there have been many changes and improvements made with every new edition —as well as numerous regulatory changes. State law, federal tax law and federal securities law all require continued monitoring for changes affecting governmental units and industry participants. The 2017-2018 Fifty State Survey is an incremental improvement of the Fifty State Survey the additional 15 states that were not covered in the 2017 Fifty State Survey. The survey has become an essential reference for participants in the municipal leasing industry. The Fifty State Survey is available free of charge in PDF format in the Members Only Section.

The 2017-2018 Edition of the AGLF Fifty State Survey is available in PDF Format in the Members Only Section and is available for purchase as CD-ROM to non-members for $1200. 

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Our Industry Focus

In an effort to gather important industry statistics and to identify trends in the governmental leasing industry, AGLF has commissioned the Survey of Industry Activity.  This annual survey is viewed as an important membership resource.  

Our industry focus ranges from experienced equipment leasing & finance professionals seeking to keep up with the latest product, administrative, and legislative trends in the tax exempt and federal finance market, to those seeking insight into governmental and nonprofit leasing and finance. Business executives, attorneys, bankers, CPA's, financial advisors, investment bankers, document specialists, syndicators, credit and sales personnel will all benefit from involvement in AGLF.

Survey of Industry Activity

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